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  • We are Saffron Public School the Best Boarding School in Punjab, established in the year 2000, a pioneer in the field of education and renowned as Top school in Punjab

    In today's crisis of COVID-19, we have successfully implemented our Online Study Program, online examinations, PTMs, various celebrations, competitions and activities, which is getting good feedback from all parents and students. 

    Currently, we are also promoting our teachers, students and their parents to indulge in a myriad of extra-curricular activities besides academics to keep them busy and to get the best of them, thus giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills. All activities are updated on Saffron Public School website and social media rigorously.

    To enhance the education system, our school has made unstoppable efforts in:

        Having LIVE Online sessions with teachers and other students using upgraded technology.

        Sharing Videos and New Lessons framed by teachers with our students.

        Rigorously conducting online competitions and activities based on recreational and extra- curricular activities.

        Taking care of the mental health of each student by offering them one to one counselling sessions by our experts.

        Arranging for webinars and training sessions for our teachers and upgrading their technological skills and research

        Arranging for Online sessions and additional webinars for our students to enhance their         learning and pedagogy.

        Involving parents in imparting value based and academic knowledge to their children and felicitating them with basic modules.

    COVID-19 can’t demoralize the Saffronians!!! 

    Teachers of Saffron the Best School in Punjab, which are also famous as the best teachers in Punjab, explore their amazing skills and talent, besides taking Regular online classes. For so many years, the staff of Saffron has dedicated its entire time to the successful implementation of education within the school. While they are still imparting technology based education, they are also working on their passion, hobbies and dreams. 

    This way, along with imparting valuable lessons on their academic curriculum, we are also encouraging our students, their families and even our teachers to forget about their lockdown period and involve themselves in activities that will motivate them and keep them optimistic.