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    Students of Saffron Public School selected and participate in 34th Sun-Junior National Tenni-Koit Championship

  • Sports has always been one of the topmost priorities of Saffron Public School and Saffronians have always been promoted in different categories of sports. Recently the Tenni-Koit Federation of India organised the 34th sub-junior National Tenni-Koit Championship at Petit Seminare Higher Secondary School, Uppalam, Puducherry. Students gave their best performance and were applauded by the organisers. Principal Dr. Sandeepa Sood was proud of the glorious achievement of the students who were thrilled to be a part of the national level sport and also had a recreational time at the beautiful city. HOD of Sports, Mr. Ravinder Singh accompanied the participants and cheered them up motivating them to excel in Tenni-Koit