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    Saffron received Bronze Medal

  • Saffron_Public_School always strives_hard and remains prominent for the holistic development and enlightenment of its students. Being the member of IAYP-an International_Organisation, Saffron organised a cultural fiesta for six months during which various activities were organised to boost the morale of students and to develop a unique ability to harness thoughts and ideas that bring success. Sixteen students of Saffron Public School received Bronze_medal under various categories like Skill_Improvement, Physical_Recreation , Adventure_Camp. and Community_Services. These activities develop their gardening, robotic, singing_skills etc. Similarly various games like Football and Cricket were organised whereas Adventure Camp. and other Community Service programmes were also planned and organised accordingly. The Principal Dr. Sandeepa Sood applauded the students for demonstrating their talent and motivated them to carry on their journey on the path of progress and also congratulate the IAYP teachers for their utmost efforts.