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    Saffron Public School conducts an Air Pollution Awareness Marathon

  • The ever-increasing level of Air pollution enhances its negative and harmful effects to the health of living beings. Concentration of harmful substances is enough to interfere with the comfort, safety and health of a man. It’s Human Agency which is primarily responsible for causing Air pollution.
    An initiative is taken by Lung Care Foundation to organise an inter-school competition to spread the message for the sake of environment cleanliness through skits, marathons, workshops, role-plays etc. Students of Saffron Public School participated in an Awareness Marathon to spread a word against the harsh impacts of Air Pollution. 200+ students and teachers participated with full enthusiasm. With banners and posters in hands they covered the local area of Phagwara and recited slogans to spread awareness to deal with the alarming effects of Air pollution. The time is demanding, and we must adopt some concrete measures in order to check pollution and improve life on earth. To combat the situation, our young generation can play a vital role. It’s time to shout out loud….……
    “Don’t Let our future go
    Up in the smoke”