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    Saffron - Best C.B.S.E School in Phagwara


    Education in the modern time is being rapidly globalized. Gone are the times when education was limited to the knowledge of your country, your city, and your surroundings. Now, The Best School in Phagwara and their education system prepares their students to face the ever more competitive world and operate in it like a pro.


    School is located in Phagwara city, Punjab. Our school campus is situated in the outskirt of Phagwara surrounded by lush green meadows. Saffron is the best educational Institution affiliated by C.B.S.E, Cambridge Assessment International Education and Edxcel Board U.K


    The classrooms at Saffron are up to date with the latest technology, Smart Class Boards (Tata Class Edge), Audio-Video aids, for a classroom experience that students look forward to. 

    At Saffron every child is taught to move in leaps and bounds. They are trained to experience all frontiers of life to leave a mark behind. 


    Over more than 18 years of relentless academic endeavor and brilliance, our school has become an excellent education institution that has successfully molded students hailing from diverse ethnic, religious, linguistic and social backgrounds. 


    Saffron passionately strives for virtue and Knowledge. We excel in both academics as well as co-curricular realms, our saffronians are second to none. It is rightly said, "Children must be taught how to think, not what to think".