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    Lohri celebrations in Saffron Public School

  • Lohri is one of the most awaited festivals of India – a popular winter Punjabi folk festival which is especially for the farmers celebrating the harvesting season and people welcoming a new venture or new beginning in life. An extravagant celebration of Lohri, marked the day with exuberance and fun among children of classes Pre-Play to 1 of Saffron Public School. The students were traditionally dressed and were thrilled to share groundnuts, popcorn and revri provided by the school, with their friends. They were thrilled to participate along with the Principal, Dr. Sandeepa Sood and class coordinators and teachers. The Principal very happily had a chat with the little ones talking about how this season is relevant for everyone, whether it is the welcome of spring season, relevance of kite flying and the beginning of a new financial season. They all lit the bonfire and did parikrama of it. They whole-heartedly put revri, groundnuts and popcorn in the fire. It was a fun celebration wherein everyone was singing and dancing to the famous folk songs of Punjab. The chairman, Mr. Manmohan Singh and Vice-chairperson, Mrs. Inderjit Kaur sent their blessings to all students, their parents, school staff and teachers conveying their best wishes on this auspicious occasion.
    It was a fun-filled day full of excitement, love, peace and harmony.