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    Life in a Boarding School: A Tale of Success and Happiness

  • Hostel life for any student is one of the most memorable days of his life. Saffron Public School makes sure that the Students residing in the Hostel are provided with a Holistic atmosphere, Feel-Like-Home ambience, Compassionate Care-Takers, Efficient Staff, Sumptuous food planned by a renowned dietician, Well defined rules and regulations and above all Ample amount of study and play time.


    Staying at hostel encourages the students to become responsible and independent and also gives an opportunity to work in a team and develop a sense of understanding of the society as students are from diversified areas and families. There are separate hostels for girls and boys on campus on sharing basis which give them greater opportunities to interact and learn from each other. Students become sagacious in their approach towards responsibilities, protective about their environment and practical in day to day duties.


    It’s a big Misconception that, Parents and Students consider hostel as a punishment cell. It is very wrongly considered that only troublemakers of the house land themselves in a hostel. But that’s not the case, we have mature, diligent, wise, independent and creative thinkers who experience the hostel life and thus become extremely successful people in their lives. It becomes easy for working parents who otherwise don’t find the time to spend with their children and nurture them in their growing age the way they should be. In such cases it is imperative for parents to send their children to the hostel as it brings out the best in a child.


    Saffron Public School provides options of weekly, fortnightly and full year boarding.



    Spacious, air-conditioned rooms

    Meal Schedule – Indian/ Continental meals


    Extra study/Prep Classes (Besides H.W.)

    Common Room – Recreation/Entertainment

    Medical and Health Services