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    Janamshtmi celebrations at Saffron Public School, Phagwara

  • The birthday of Lord Krishna, the avatar of Lord Vishnu is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm, on this Janmashtami day at Saffron Public School. This day indicates a new hope, a wonderful beginning and a bright future. To emphasise on the extraordinary and pure bond of love and devotion between the children and the Almighty, the message of moral and spiritual duty has been spread on this day. Children of the school came dressed as Radha and Krishna and enthralled everyone with their beauty, innocence and playfulness. They spread their charm among teachers and other students and spent the whole day reviving the beautiful life of Lord Krishna. Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Inderjit Kaur and Principal, Dr. Sandeepa Sood considered these children as semblances of Radha Krishna and worshipped them. They performed rituals like Arti Pooja, Jhoola swinging, displaying Jhankis and distributing Prasad to everyone. On this auspicious day, the Principal spread the message of celebrating festivals with devotion and always looking ahead in life bearing an optimistic frame of mind. It is important to have a religious faith to flourish in life successfully.