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    Saffron Public School completes another International School Immersion program at Canada

  • An Educational School Immersion Trip, for the third time, was organised by Saffron Public School at ECOLE IBN Batouta School, Ottawa, Canada for ten days in the month of November 2019. Students of classes VI to XII along with two teachers, Mrs. Richa Kad and Mr. Akash Khanna were a part of the trip. It was an enticing experience for the students who were travelling for the first time to visit an exquisite country like Canada. They were a part of informative student exchange sessions in which they learnt the basics of French Language, importance of a third language in the normal curriculum and basic educational techniques followed by Canadian schools. The city tour comprised various enchanting visits like Parliament hills, city hall, Telesat, art gallery, riverside visit, CN Tower, Aquarium and the unmissable Niagara Falls. A visit to various malls was cherished by each student as they explored and exchanged the culture, style and fashion of Canada. An educational tour to Carleton university was also made. Overall, it was a once in a lifetime experience for all of them, for which they were also honoured with certificates and souvenirs by IBN Batouta school for being a valuable part of the school immersion program. Principal, Dr. Sandepa Sood further motivated them with certification from Saffron Public School and encouraged such change-exchange programs which provide the best practical learning experience of a different culture to many students.