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  • ‘Inflation in India and U.K activity was a great activity done in the school. Students learnt a lot from this activity. Mind Map working enhance the thinking process of the students. It built the sense of creative and Imaginative. After mind map a path was decided how to accomplish the project on Inflation. Students learnt alot with the help of project making. Data collection, presentation, Inflation meaning, types and causes of Inflation Included in the study. Apart from the project work power point presentation kind the students with the technology. Self confidence and communication skills improved when students present their work.

    Peer review checklist also gives the way to evaluate other persons at different parameters.

    In the last question name test provide us the insight of whole concept of the Inflation.

    In Additional work send by Nigeria presented by the teacher in the class, which gives us the knowledge about Nigerian Inflation & Its causes of government policies to remove Inflation. It is the indispensable part of the life which gives lot of knowledge and great experience.