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    5 Reasons why Saffron Public School is the Best CBSE School in Punjab

  • Are you looking for the Best CBSE School in Punjab? Saffron Public School is one of the best and top-ranking schools in Punjab having a unique infrastructure and holistic growth opportunities in academics and overall wellbeing of each student. It also comprises a world-class boarding house that accommodates students of all age groups providing them modern and high-end amenities.

    Saffron School offers a world-class and high-quality education to its students. If you also want international education exposure, then you can join Saffron public school without any doubt in your mind. The school gives a multitude of learning opportunities and immense exposure to the international curriculum followed in various countries like Finland, Canada, Singapore, and many more. There are several reasons for joining Saffron School which are listed below.


    Here is the list of Top 5 Reasons why Saffron School is the Best CBSE School in Punjab:


    Start your exciting journey today with one of the Best CBSE School in Punjab. So, let's get started to know more about Saffron School.


    1. Academic Achievements & Facilities


    Academic achievements or (academic) performance is the degree to which a student, teacher, or foundation accomplish their short or long term educational goals. At Saffron Public School, we are notable for our excellent academic performance. Here a normal student can achieve a high percentage between 80% - 90% in X and XII, Board exams with practically a 100% pass rate under the guidance of experienced faculty.


    Saffron School has maintained excellent academic records of the students which can be seen here.


    Cambridge International Examination: This examination prepares school students for the long run in life, helping them to build up a strong curiosity and enduring passion for learning. These projects and qualifications set the International standard for international education & training.


    This International certification is recognized globally and contains a lot of value in India and abroad.


    2. Unique Infrastructure


    Infrastructure plays a vital role in any place whether it's a company, an office, or a school. Without a great infrastructure, it's difficult to survive. Saffron Public School offers a unique infrastructure to its students. All the rooms and labs in the building of the school are well maintained. All the workers here are disciplined. With the whole school being fully Air Conditioned, they keep a stringent check on their security as well. With CCTV cameras installed in every nook and corner of the school and transport and the organization, professionally manned by security guards 24*7.


    3. Affordable Fee Structure


    If you're looking for the Best CBSE School in Punjab with a low fee structure, then Saffron's public school of Phagwara might be the right choice. Saffron School provides student's parents with a reasonable fee structure along with easy payment options. The conveyance fee shall depend on the point of the pick-up and the respective class of the student. Fee Structure 2020-21 is listed.

    Click here to check the fee structure.


    4. Beyond Academics


    There are a lot of other things to explore at Saffron except for its academic achievements. Saffron School cares about the personal and holistic development of the students and to make them stronger mentally and physically. For this purpose, a lot of extra-curricular activities are arranged to relieve students from study stress like personality development, performing arts, and sports activities.


    5. Excellent Academic Result


    Saffron School is a top-ranked school in Punjab and has maintained great academic results. Saffron school gives special attention to weak students to perform well in their academics.  There is no partiality done with the students. All teachers encourage students in an equal manner.


    So these are the top reasons that made Saffron School the Best CBSE School in Punjab. Saffron is proud to have tenured, professional and experienced faculty who teach and mentor their students with their exceptional methodologies and expertise.