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    A Spiritual and Luxurious trip enjoyed by Boarders of Saffron Public-School Hostel.

  • Saffron Boarding House is a perfect example of home away from home. Students invest a lot of their time in academic and extra-curricular activities, but recreational outings are a mandate for them to destress the students and give them a home-like feeling. The school authorities organised a marvellous trip to Bhadrakali Temple, Kapurthala and arranged for a sumptuous meal and outing at Hotel Ramada, Kapurthala. The visit to the temple was a spiritual experience for the young children and they were enchanted by the beautiful idols and scriptures of the temple. Further, they thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the luxurious hotel Ramada and relished the lovely meal served. The hostelers also enjoyed the birthday celebrations of one of boarders, Gaganajit Sandhu and they had lighthearted fun n frolic. All the students and the staff immensely thanked the Management and the Principal, Dr. Sandeepa Sood for arranging such an amazing experience for all of them.