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    A Spellbound Celebration of Christmas by Little Saffronians

  • The day marked with an enthusiastic and lavish participation and display of talent by students from classes Pre-Play to III. There was a fervour of excitement amongst all boys who were dressed as Santa Claus and girls dressed as fairies and angels. They performed various stage activities like dancing, singing rhymes and songs and preparing acts. The birth and life circle of Jesus Christ was depicted through a beautiful act by the toddlers. The students then contributed towards a community lunch which they all shared with each other and exchanged little gifts. Principal, Dr. Sandeepa Sood was highly impressed and praised each child for his deep efforts in making the event a huge success. She gave an inspirational speech on basic morals to be followed by every young child like saying a simple thank you, sharing and caring and to take blessings from their parents, elders and teachers every day. She blessed all the children, and everyone thanked the Almighty for this divine experience they had. All the little ‘Santas’ and ‘Angels’ filled the air with love, laughter and joy.